Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Versace for H&M

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Tomorrrow is the big day when H&M releases worldwide its Versace co-branding collection. I am still thinking about whether I should go or not to the opening - I have seen from other countries that the launch of a luxury-H&M collection can create mass hysteria. I am but so curious to see how many would turn up.

Bucharest has 2two of the over 300 selected stores in which this collection would be launched - one in Baneasa Shopping City and the other one in Unirea Shopping Center. The shops will open at 8a.m. and around 280 people will be given "time bracelets". These then divide the customers into time slots of 10 minutes - the time they have to shop - and they will be in groups of 20. I have read that for example in UK the shopping is limited to only one item in only one size. They are afraid things might end up being sold on eBay for way more than the actual retail price. Another 5 minutes will be taken for rearranging the shopping area and then the next lot of customers will be left inside. Return of items is allowed only within a day, from what I have read. I am really curious to see!!! I am also curious about the media attention this release will get and about how the Romanian press will treat this event. I will let you in on this once I know more. Till then, enjoy the video I have posted below! Have a great evening!

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