Thursday, May 16, 2013


Oh...that moment when you have a map in front of you, or more old-style, a globe,..and you first identify where you are now, after which you start "travelling"  up and down to places you have been, but more likely to places you would like to be. You then start dreaming of how it could be, seeing the ocean for the first time in Lisbon, walking the streets of an old empire capital - Rome, getting "blinded" by the immaculate, trademark white of Greek cities/villages or learning to see the beauty of flooding in Venice...

I had that moment today,..when I accidentally stumbled upon the picture above on Pinterest. You can see more of these beautiful pictures on architectureartdesigns, from where I have posted these to my blog. Enjoy the beauty and nurture your wanderlust!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Art of Smoking vs. International Security

Even if society has turned more and more its back to smoking and smokers alike in the last years, there is no doubt that smoke has been present as a form of art ( in poems, pictures, movies etc.) and can still represent a laid-back lifestyle (relaxing with a cigarette after a wonderful dinner), a sense of victory (smoking a cigar after signing a profitable contract), it can create mystery and bring a vintage touch to moments of reflection or introspection (associated with smoking a pipe) and it can also transport you to exotic places or give you a feeling of belonging to a social group, a party, to people just having fun (mostly through sharing a shisha/traditional waterpipe).

Reading all this, it might not have come as a surprise that Dubai based Emirates airline would have been testing a shisha lounge starting next month on some of its A380 airplanes. "Premium customers will be now able to relax amid luxurious surroundings with a traditional waterpipe" the airline mentioned. However, knowing all the international bans on smoking, it would be both a rise and a fall for this company, taking this measure. Nevertheless, according to CNBCARABIA the company denies the previous news, mentioning that they have been one of the first companies in the Middle East and the world to ban smoking on board and will not accept any type of smoking on their flights.

It is clear that art has to stay art on the ground, as in the air it will be less appreciated, due to safety reasons. And it is better this way, as YOU would like to be the one to decide, when YOU have your last smoke...

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