Saturday, August 27, 2011

This summer...

This summer I did not have a proper vacation...things just turned out like this and I did not pack my suitcase as usual for one or two or even more weeks of adventure/relaxation somewhere away from home. No foreign country week (although my family and I had just 3 days at the beginning of June out of Romania)...but I do not regret it a bit.

For me this was a summer of rediscovering my country, my family, my friends, my happiness and my what can be better than that?

With a dear friend of mine from South Korea, I rediscovered the joy of simple walks in Bucharest, and admired the fact that my city is actually greener than people know it to be...
I went to Romanian traditional arts and crafts fairs and also rediscovered nice culinary products...but that's the topic of another entry...

I stayed for two weekends with great family friends at the seaside and rediscovered the joy of small things: the wind blowing through my hair, dipping my feet in the warm water at sundown or just jumping like a child who has no worries in his life...

I rediscovered the pleasure of winning and the satisfaction of things coming to you when you least expect them, such as this Lana dress I got from my friend Ioana from Fashezine. And what better item to fit in my wardrobe this summer than this dress...for my Romanian summer with my Romanian adventure and my oh so great friends I have and I rediscover here in Romania.

I leave you now with a series of pictures which are hopefully transmitting you the good mood I have had this summer and reminding you that you can be lucky, just how I was, by only entering my giveaway I am hosting here. And remember: such summers last for as much you want them to!!!

Pictures and text (C) Ingrid Sabine Weber. All Rigts Reserved.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Giveaway

My dear ones,
sometimes a long break makes you long more for what you are missing. And I must admit I have been longing to write and to have your feedback recently. There have been a number of events that kept me from posting here, but I remain faithful to you, my readers, and to my passion: things well done and quality as well as living life to the fullest.

Living life to the fullest means enjoying each opportunity and each little pleasure in life and I want you to do that today by embarking in this new opportunity which I can proudly call my first giveaway.

And because it is my first one, I thought I gave you also the chance to choose:

Giveaway nr. 1: the wonderful statement bracelet above, which goes perfect with a simple dress or to some jeans shorts and a shirt...or however you want o picture it...

Giveaway nr. 2: a last-part-of-summer-package: a top which is really wonderful to wear at the beach or even while going clubbing and a low sun protection factor 10 spray to protect your skin, even if it is tanned, because what is more beautiful to wear than healthy, hydrated and protected skin?

So here are the RULES:
1. Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect (see right page side under Followers) or Bloglovin HERE.
2. Follow this blog via Facebook Page HERE and/or Twitter HERE.
3. Spread the news about this giveaway (on your blog, FB, Twitter etc.) - it's nice to offer others a chance as well :)
4. Leave a comment HERE (at the end of the post) with your thoughts and feelings and of course, your e-mail address, so that I can contact you if you win. Don't forget to mention which of the two giveaways is your favourite!

The winner will be announced 13th of September. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!

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