Monday, July 26, 2010

The black delicacy is back

It is back on the tables, my friends, the apparently one of the finest caviar, the beluga caviar. Quotas for it have been set until end of February, 20111.

The quotas have been introduced as a decision after the natural stock decreased drastically during the 90s. Last year, the 5 countries which trade this good failed to agree on quotas, so the export was halted for one year. In the following period we expect that the following quantities will be exported: 700kg by Russia, 1500kg Kazakhstan, 800kg Iran and none for Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.
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Oh, in case you might wonder which caviar is the most expensive in the world, it is the one called "Almas", also a beluga caviar, and means diamond. The appearance of this one is almost white. The lighter the colour, the rarer the caviar, the more elegant and exquisite the flavour. In London you can get a kg (around 25.000 dollars). The caviar is sold in a 24k gold tin.

Wishing you a great caviar-year ahead :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

2 in 1: official wedding date and LV store opening

I couldn't decide what to write, so I tried to find a topic for these two so different items of news. Luxury, money,, one was clear, it's all connected to beautiful women.

Monaco, if you visit today, even now has the shadow of Grace Kelly everywhere you go. There are even posters of a tour of the princess and actress. Many, many years people were wondering who would be the one to follow her, and will she be graceful enough to fill in the empty space she has left? Shortly before my trip to Monaco this year I and the whole world found out about the official engagement of HSH Prince Albert the IInd to Charlene Wittstock, a swimming champion. I think she fits the image the Prince is giving of himself and Monaco: fresh, sporty, environmental, beautiful, stylish, luxurious. Now my news: the official date has been set to next year, 8th of July for the civil wedding, and the next day for the religious. I hope I will be there then to enjoy a bit of monegasque history.

Keeping it in the register of beautiful women, here is one of my favourites. She is for me a 100% woman, extremly sexy, even with years passing by. Last week she honoured us with her appearence in Beirut, at the opening of a new LV store. The 3 pictures from the even are a (C) of LV. Enjoy the short behind the scenes movie at the end of this entry!

Catherine Deneuve

Store interior

Catherine Deneuve and Christian Louboutin

Dinner Party

Thursday, July 22, 2010

News from Gucci

Aviators!!! Yes,...a new series of "heritage" sunglasses is launched by Gucci. Limited/special edition leather case and carrying pouch are also included. Special marking? All of them have the red and green and the G of the brand... priceing between 170 and 180 dollars. Here a selection of my favourites :

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Montblanc opening in Bucharest

On my last visit in Bucharest I noticed on one of the main streets, Calea Victoriei, a store-to-be, a space which should be dedicated to the brand I am currently working for. Curious about what was going on, I asked some questions when I arrived back at the headquarters, and now, that I see it also in the press, I can tell you also about it. This is no confidential anymore.

The German brand entered the Romanian market in 1996 as a franchise and is at the moment still one, distributed through various retailers. As the strategy of the brand has changed in recent years, and they don't want to be known only for their writing instruments, but also for their great watches and leather goods, the awareness has to rise. And how to do it better, than through a boutique a-la-Montblanc? A boutique which represents the corporate standards and the corporate strategy. Better said, a 3 million euros investment by the Romanian exclusive importer, Conmart. 2 millions are paid just on merchandize and 0,5 on furniture in the boutique.

The opening is planned for the beginning of October, this year. I'm just looking forward to the opening party. Here's a CHEERS to luxury brands who see a potential in Romania's market.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Champagne lovers, walk this way!!!

Flashback! 2010, 1st of January, I'm saying to myself that this year should be equivalent to Champagne. My facebook friends might remember my status at the beginning of the year. What I was trying to say was that 2010 should be the year in which I should have millions of reasons to pop the corks of the bottles of this lovely beverage.

Apparently, some bigger forces decided also this would be the year in which Champagne would pay a great role.

Last weekend I was for the first time at the Baltic sea. But little did I know what treasures it is hiding while I was bathing in the unusually warm waters (22.8 degrees Celsius - a record as normal temp during summer are between 16 and 17). Nor would I have had the opportunity to stumble upon them. 55m deep, on the sea ground, inside a yet unknown wreck between Sweden and Finnland, a great treasure was found. Around 30 well preserved bottles of Champagne, thought of being Veuve Clicquot were spotted. One of them was taken to the surface and tasted. It would be amazingly good, a bit sweet yet holding some acidity, with fruity and tabacco flavours...a pleasure for each Champagne-lover. Price for this apporximately 230 years old bottle is estimated at around 53.000 Euros, making it the oldest, still drinkable one, to exist on earth. Some say it was on a ship sent by King Louis XVI to the Russian Imperial Court, and if this turns out to be the truth, then the bottles will sell for millions.

The remaining (around 30) are still on the sea ground and the location is still kept secret, until it will be decided to whom the remainings of the wreck should belong to. So still a chance for you guys to dive ...hahaha...

Another brand is catching the attention through a new limited edition of Champagne bottles: a tribute to Andy Warhol is paid by the brand Dom Perignon through a reinterpretation of its first bottle while using the six colours of the artist's colour set. Check it out in the following movie:


Only 4 stores have the exclusivity over these bottles, in Madrid, Marbella, Ibiza and Bracelona. So, if you're not there at the moment, just grab your towel and flight ticket and enjoy some beach with artistic Champagne.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Loyalty or craze for luxury brands

After Chanel, it is time for another luxury brand to send branded models on the runway. And no, not through their clothes, but rather through their own skin.

It was the designer Marc Jacobs who apparently called his personal tattooist, Scott Campbell, to apply temporary logo-inspired tattoos to the male models. With the "skin"-scarves, the models looked for me like fashion victims or victims of a system where there is no boundary between knowing luxury and being on competition for more labels to wear. I consider this "art-representation" a lack of responsability of the brands. Next to follow are Louis Vuitton cigarettes or Chanel guns....? Maybe not, but who knows how far we let this go.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Back from Monaco: short story

Dear All,

I've been absent for some time so now I will try to catch up with the passed time and fill you in! I've been in Monaco for a week and it was just LOVELY. Being international, enjoying great food with great people, seeing the new places which just opened and going to an event with the HSH the Prince of Monaco and his wife-to-be, Charlene. All of this I will discuss in greater detail in the entries to follow! Until then, enjoy some of the over 400 pictures I took.

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