Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ermanno Scervino FW12/13 launch in Bucharest

 Yesterday I had an invitation to the Ermanno Scervino Fashion in Bucharest show for the FW12/13 collection. It was a nice event, and it was a pleasure to see the designs, as they were of equestrian inspiration. It all reminded me a bit of the Gucci style, due to the adoption of cuts from the equestrian clothes, but it all was very feminine at the same time. I would easily imagine wearing some of the clothes, so I might soon go shopping there.

The designer himself was also present at the event and he addressed a few words to the audience: wear grey but stay positive. Funny thing: I was wearing grey that evening (as it is one of my favourite colours for this season) and was very cheerful.

Below you have some pics from the event, unfortunately I had left my camera home, phone

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Travel Plans with the Right City Guides for 2013

(Picture source:

My life lately has been filled with packing suitcases, catching flights and making new discoveries in new cities. And when I think of travel in style, I think of THE brand which is well known for it: LOUIS VUITTON. And just in time for me making new travel plans for next year, they bring out the city guides for 2013. New destinations are Lugano, Verona, Ekaterinburg and Kitzbühel. Check them out here

 I would love to see some of Russia next year. How about you? What are your travel plans?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend finds

Yesterday I went for a random walk  with my mother in Bucharest, and at Sala Dalles there was this contemporary art jewelry fair, where we made a stop. It was indeed a nice place to stop on a Sunday noon, as there were so many beauties to be discovered. Many of the pieces on display were unique pieces, so whoever bought something is sure to have a special piece of jewelry.

I am happy about such events, because we get to discover our own designers, people who put a lot of hard work combined with imagination and playfulness with technique - and the result is just amazing.

Some of the pieces that caught my eye were those by designer Raluca Buzura, a young and delicate woman whom I met there. I took some (not very good - sorry) pictures of them, but you can always check her website here. If you look at the pictures, you will probably think that the material used mainly is leather...but NO - it is ceramics! I was fascinated by how the designer described her work: cutting each piece, burning it, polishing it,...a long process which at the end is so worth it if you look at these amazing creations.

These are the moments when I know why I value craftsmanship so much. Because something beautiful as these necklaces comes out of craftsmanship.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fashion Bears in London

Pudsey Bear by Balenciaga for Children in Need

During a random (but wonderful) walk around London, my boyfriend and I, attracted by the sparkly Christmas decoration, decided to go into Selfridges to look at some pieces of luggage (on my shopping list!). The department store, however, has so much to offer, that we found ourselves taking pictures with Santa's hats or admiring kitchen equipment (amongst others).

On display in the store I also found a series of teddy bears , looking at us with their big, black eyes, just luring us with their charming personality (each one was different) and with what you could call childhood nostalgia.

The teddy bears are an initiative of BBC together with 29 famous designers/brands.  The idea was to create unique Fashion Pudsey Bears (Pudsey is the logo of the organization "Children in Need"), which would then, after a period of display in Selfridges Stores in London and Manchester (until the 14th of November 2012), would be auctioned by Christie's auction house. The raised funds will go to the Children in Need charity. Children in need currently supports around 2600 projects and works with children and young people in the UK. This charity has raised over 600 million pound sterling since 1980. Below you can see some of the Fashion Pudsey Bears and maybe decide for which one you would want to auction. It would not be only for a good cause, but it will also save you a piece of fashion history. And if you want to see more, just go to Selfridges. It should be fun.

Pudsey Bear by Victoria Beckham for Children in Need 

Pudsey Bear by Alexander McQueen for Children in Need  

Pudsey Bear by Jonathan Saunders for Children in Need 

Pudsey Bear by Louis Vuitton for Children in Need 

Pudsey Bear by Missoni for Children in Need 

Pudsey Bear by Prada for Children in Need 

(Pictures source:

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