Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Karl WHO?

Karl Lagerfeld, the German designer, artist, photographer etc. (multitasker as he has been called) based in Paris will be launching two lines of fashion in January next year for his omonymous brand, designed to relaunch the brand Karl Lagerfeld which has been on hold for a year. A 100 piece collection named Karl will surely be one of the attractions of the couture week in Paris - time when it will be presented - because the pricing will range between 60 and 300 Euros for an item. Karl Lagerfeld thinks this is the way for the future - affordable luxury - luxury for the masses.

The collection will be available on Net-a-Porter.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Save a Doctor!!! Help and Donations Needed!!!

Catalin Sandu is a 25 year old young doctor who recently graduated from the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, Romania. He is now facing one of his biggest exams in life: defeating cancer. Catalin has a very rare and aggressive (and painful) form of cancer, a unique case in Romania, and each day is crucial for him. He can find treatment in Freiburg, Germany, but for which he needs the sum of 200.000 Euro. A bit over the half of this sum has already been gathered, but in order to start the treatment, he needs YOUR active help. Please donate - see info here - or share this story on all the social media and to all the people you know. (Note that EU remittances are FREE of charge). Catalin is a young doctor my age and I hope all the people who know me or read my blog will take a moment to donate today what tomorrow might mean Catalin's life!!!

I am bringing you forward a case where "life" is a "luxury" for some of us and we realize maybe only in such cases how fortunate we are when we are healthy and can enjoy every minute of our lives and make new dreams.

For now, a big part of the youth in Romania has ONE dream: to save Catalin so that he can save many lives to come in the future. So please DONATE!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Autumn Fashion Colours

(Picture source:

Dear all,
just before the weekend begins here's a really colourful set of pictures/clothing for the new season. The warm weather seems to have left Bucharest last Friday and so it is time to engage in some nice, warm and comfy autumn fashion. However, don't go just brown or black! Take it from nature and be bold about what you choose. Take colour into your life and you'll see how much the outside can affect the inside.

And here are the great outfits from Net-a-Porter, my favourite set you can see in the first picture below. And which one is your favourite one? Let me know!
Have a wonderful and colourful weekend!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Red Bull The Art of Can Bucharest 2011

My Sunday afternoon (just before a nice, late lunch) was filled with some culture and not just that.

In the center of Bucharest, just next to the Hilton Hotel, there are two (?) buses which have been extended and transformed into an exhibition place for a slightly different way of Art: the Art of Can.

It is a small exhibition, but just enough for you to see what wonderful things can be done out of a can. It is in no way a mode of flashing the "Red Bull" logo, even if it is out there...everywhere... but if you watch the short clip which runs on a flat screen inside the exhibition, you will see that it is primarly about building awareness towards recycling - and what better way to do this in than by showing the practical outcome!

Once you enter the exhibition you can see this painting/collage of Obama, famous for the "Yes we CAN!" saying. And indeed, we CAN make a difference with only a CAN!!! Just go there and see how! Even if I have taken pictures of everything what was exhibited there, I have made just a selection, so that you can still enjoy surprises. Oh,..and one more thing, entrance is free - so there is really no excuse for you to miss this great exhibition in Bucharest!

The copyright for the pictures above is mine,...but here are some movies below on the "Art of Can" and the Making Of... which I took from the website. Enjoy!

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