Monday, October 3, 2011

Red Bull The Art of Can Bucharest 2011

My Sunday afternoon (just before a nice, late lunch) was filled with some culture and not just that.

In the center of Bucharest, just next to the Hilton Hotel, there are two (?) buses which have been extended and transformed into an exhibition place for a slightly different way of Art: the Art of Can.

It is a small exhibition, but just enough for you to see what wonderful things can be done out of a can. It is in no way a mode of flashing the "Red Bull" logo, even if it is out there...everywhere... but if you watch the short clip which runs on a flat screen inside the exhibition, you will see that it is primarly about building awareness towards recycling - and what better way to do this in than by showing the practical outcome!

Once you enter the exhibition you can see this painting/collage of Obama, famous for the "Yes we CAN!" saying. And indeed, we CAN make a difference with only a CAN!!! Just go there and see how! Even if I have taken pictures of everything what was exhibited there, I have made just a selection, so that you can still enjoy surprises. Oh,..and one more thing, entrance is free - so there is really no excuse for you to miss this great exhibition in Bucharest!

The copyright for the pictures above is mine,...but here are some movies below on the "Art of Can" and the Making Of... which I took from the website. Enjoy!


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