Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Montblanc opening in Bucharest

On my last visit in Bucharest I noticed on one of the main streets, Calea Victoriei, a store-to-be, a space which should be dedicated to the brand I am currently working for. Curious about what was going on, I asked some questions when I arrived back at the headquarters, and now, that I see it also in the press, I can tell you also about it. This is no confidential anymore.

The German brand entered the Romanian market in 1996 as a franchise and is at the moment still one, distributed through various retailers. As the strategy of the brand has changed in recent years, and they don't want to be known only for their writing instruments, but also for their great watches and leather goods, the awareness has to rise. And how to do it better, than through a boutique a-la-Montblanc? A boutique which represents the corporate standards and the corporate strategy. Better said, a 3 million euros investment by the Romanian exclusive importer, Conmart. 2 millions are paid just on merchandize and 0,5 on furniture in the boutique.

The opening is planned for the beginning of October, this year. I'm just looking forward to the opening party. Here's a CHEERS to luxury brands who see a potential in Romania's market.

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