Saturday, July 24, 2010

2 in 1: official wedding date and LV store opening

I couldn't decide what to write, so I tried to find a topic for these two so different items of news. Luxury, money,, one was clear, it's all connected to beautiful women.

Monaco, if you visit today, even now has the shadow of Grace Kelly everywhere you go. There are even posters of a tour of the princess and actress. Many, many years people were wondering who would be the one to follow her, and will she be graceful enough to fill in the empty space she has left? Shortly before my trip to Monaco this year I and the whole world found out about the official engagement of HSH Prince Albert the IInd to Charlene Wittstock, a swimming champion. I think she fits the image the Prince is giving of himself and Monaco: fresh, sporty, environmental, beautiful, stylish, luxurious. Now my news: the official date has been set to next year, 8th of July for the civil wedding, and the next day for the religious. I hope I will be there then to enjoy a bit of monegasque history.

Keeping it in the register of beautiful women, here is one of my favourites. She is for me a 100% woman, extremly sexy, even with years passing by. Last week she honoured us with her appearence in Beirut, at the opening of a new LV store. The 3 pictures from the even are a (C) of LV. Enjoy the short behind the scenes movie at the end of this entry!

Catherine Deneuve

Store interior

Catherine Deneuve and Christian Louboutin

Dinner Party

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