Monday, July 26, 2010

The black delicacy is back

It is back on the tables, my friends, the apparently one of the finest caviar, the beluga caviar. Quotas for it have been set until end of February, 20111.

The quotas have been introduced as a decision after the natural stock decreased drastically during the 90s. Last year, the 5 countries which trade this good failed to agree on quotas, so the export was halted for one year. In the following period we expect that the following quantities will be exported: 700kg by Russia, 1500kg Kazakhstan, 800kg Iran and none for Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.
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Oh, in case you might wonder which caviar is the most expensive in the world, it is the one called "Almas", also a beluga caviar, and means diamond. The appearance of this one is almost white. The lighter the colour, the rarer the caviar, the more elegant and exquisite the flavour. In London you can get a kg (around 25.000 dollars). The caviar is sold in a 24k gold tin.

Wishing you a great caviar-year ahead :)

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