Sunday, July 18, 2010

Champagne lovers, walk this way!!!

Flashback! 2010, 1st of January, I'm saying to myself that this year should be equivalent to Champagne. My facebook friends might remember my status at the beginning of the year. What I was trying to say was that 2010 should be the year in which I should have millions of reasons to pop the corks of the bottles of this lovely beverage.

Apparently, some bigger forces decided also this would be the year in which Champagne would pay a great role.

Last weekend I was for the first time at the Baltic sea. But little did I know what treasures it is hiding while I was bathing in the unusually warm waters (22.8 degrees Celsius - a record as normal temp during summer are between 16 and 17). Nor would I have had the opportunity to stumble upon them. 55m deep, on the sea ground, inside a yet unknown wreck between Sweden and Finnland, a great treasure was found. Around 30 well preserved bottles of Champagne, thought of being Veuve Clicquot were spotted. One of them was taken to the surface and tasted. It would be amazingly good, a bit sweet yet holding some acidity, with fruity and tabacco flavours...a pleasure for each Champagne-lover. Price for this apporximately 230 years old bottle is estimated at around 53.000 Euros, making it the oldest, still drinkable one, to exist on earth. Some say it was on a ship sent by King Louis XVI to the Russian Imperial Court, and if this turns out to be the truth, then the bottles will sell for millions.

The remaining (around 30) are still on the sea ground and the location is still kept secret, until it will be decided to whom the remainings of the wreck should belong to. So still a chance for you guys to dive ...hahaha...

Another brand is catching the attention through a new limited edition of Champagne bottles: a tribute to Andy Warhol is paid by the brand Dom Perignon through a reinterpretation of its first bottle while using the six colours of the artist's colour set. Check it out in the following movie:


Only 4 stores have the exclusivity over these bottles, in Madrid, Marbella, Ibiza and Bracelona. So, if you're not there at the moment, just grab your towel and flight ticket and enjoy some beach with artistic Champagne.

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