Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gloves for the Smart (Phones)

(Picture source: http://www.thenorthfacejackets.co.uk)

Temperatures are said to drop here staring today, so this seemed like the perfect occasion to present the following product.

To all my friends who use smartphones, especially those that have a touchscreen and those who have passed a winter owning such a device, you all know that it was never simple using your expensive gadget with your freezing fingers. I myself had to cut conversations short or just didn't respond to tome text messages because I could not type with my gloves on and without my gloves it would have been too cold for my fingers. But starting now, all that will change. The "guys" from The North Face have come up with a clever solution: Etip Gloves.

The stretch knit shell has a special coating on the index finger and the thumb, which allows the wearer to easily navigate on the touchscreens from all producers. Also, to provide a good phone/player support, fine nubs of silicone have been added to the gloves. It might seem funny to imagine it, but snowboarding and checking the newest app on snowboards/ski/slopes (or anything else) is now possible, thanks to these gloves. And they come at a cost of around 30 pound sterling...

(Picture Source: http://uk.thenorthface.com)

1 comment:

  1. awesome...now I can type when I ski :D

    Comment by Raul.



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