Sunday, November 27, 2011

Bucharest, My Love! - Part II - Magazinul Boieresc

Today I am taking you on our second journey in Bucharest - a journey which I had started last week with Hotel Sarroglia.

Also last week I have been invited to the official opening of the "Magazinul Boieresc" shop, a place which has special things to offer.

The term "boier" means translated into English something like "gentleman, nobleman, lord, governor" and in fact the Romanian word does include all those meanings. Being a "boier" was a lot about rank, class, and status, so the name of the shop is probably fit for the products it has to offer. One must really have some knowledge to appreciate the goodies hidden in this concept shop (and the shop is indeed hidden - a place for connoisseurs).

One of the gems this place has to offer is a variety of Romanian truffles and Romanian truffle products. At the opening I have tasted cheese with truffle, truffle foie gras, butter with black truffle, white truffle was just a delight!

You can also get a great variety of Romanian and foreign wines (French, Spanish, Greek etc.) and the one who selected them, Mr. Razvan Avram, is really passionate about wimnes in general and I have had a long and very interesting discussion with him.

Last, but not least, one last gem this place has to offer are the people you can meet. They know a lot about l'art de vivre and are so passionate about gastronomy in general while still having vast knowledge in other domains - it's very enriching to talk to them. It was a lovely night for me at the opening and I will surely come back.

(C) text and pictures by author, Ingrid Sabine Weber


  1. A lovely experience! Thanks for sharing, Ingrid! xoxo

  2. Wow the cheese with truffle looks absolutely delicious!

  3. Wish I was there. Have as much fun as you can!


  4. thanks for taking us on a little trip! i loved looking at the photos and reading your post. :)

    p.s. cheese with truffles sound delicious!

    <3, Mimi
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