Friday, November 18, 2011

Marc Jacobs Collection Theft

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Marc Jacobs' entire collection for Spring next year is supposed to have been stolen on its way from Paris to London, Dailymail states. British fashion editors were waiting to have the collection displayed before their very own eyes today, however they have been sent out e-mails yesterday, in which this display was cancelled due to theft of the collection. It is not know who is behind this "fashion crime", yet people fear counterfeiters. DailyMail also fears that, because editors have no material to write about (intended word selection), the media coverage for the designer for next year will be limited drastically.

In case the collection has really been stolen, it is really sad. Sad because it's just like any other theft of intellectual property. However, it might also be a press trick. Won't Marc Jacobs get more publicity now? Everyone will be looking for the collection - everyone will wonder if he will create something new, everyone will have his eyes set on the designer's next moves. I am really curious to see how this develops.

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  1. oh, i heard about that! i bet it's just a press trick! how can an ENTIRE collection be stolen?


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