Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fancy a Great Coffee? Shanghai Tang for Nespresso - What Else???

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2012 is the year of the Dragon (more exactly 23rd of January 2012 to February 9th, 2013), according to Chinese Zodiac. Being the fifth of 12 signs, the Dragon always represented the emperor and power (also seen in other cultures, such as the Korean one). Nowadays however it is regarded as the ultimate auspicious sign and couples who are not yet married hurry to do that, yet other couples hurry to have their child born under the sign of the Dragon because it signifies success and happiness and it is supposed to bring good luck to everyone.

So what better timing than this one for the collaboration between luxury brand Shanghai Tang and Nespresso to create this limited edition of coffee machine (and accessories) ?!

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The Nespresso Dragon collection is a mix of the highly appreciated capsule coffee with the the touch brought by Shanghai Tang, the brand that reinterprets in a modern way the Chinese heritage.

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The collection includes the Nespresso CitiZ Dragon Coffee Machine, a Dragon Capsule Holder with carved stone inlay and Dragon Capsule Holder with silver metal inlay as well as a Ritual Cappuccino Dragon Cup Set.

A frind of mine is moving into her new crib next year and I know she is wishing for a special coffee machine. However, this edition is limited to only 3000 sets and will be available from the 1st of January 2012.

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Asked about why coffee and not tea, Millicent Lai, the designer behind this set, answered the following: "Nowadays, I think the younger generation prefers drinking coffee to tea, especially among Asians. When I go to Beijing, I'm surprised to see so many little coffee shops that are able to do the perfect latte, it's amazing. You don't even see that in Hong Kong. I think nowadays because of technology, you don't really have any boundaries anymore. Coffee, Western food -- it's no longer like, "We're Chinese, we don't eat pasta."(Quote source:

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So, are you all set for 2012 with the best lifestyle coffee? If not, you still have the time to plan it accordingly! Enjoy!

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