Friday, November 4, 2011

Gucci Gucci Goooo

I have recently become godmother and besides the blessed moment and the pleasure I get from the small bundle of life, the role as a godmother has brought me into stores for children (or better said, where adults buy stuff for children - oh - and there is SO MUCH to buy)!

One of the things I observed, and what might be the subject of another post, is that there is a whole industry producing for these tiny creatures and most of the items you wonder why they were not made in your size - because they are adorable. Less adorable are the prices, but few can help themselves from the "cute" and "lovely" clothes. So, I am leaving you with a "cute" selection of baby-wear from Gucci (my picture source is their facebook page) for your little fashionista at home: from quilted vest to ballerinas or sleeping bag - they can make your baby's cold season glamorous and warm.

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