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Monaco Royal Wedding: Monaco Makes a Dream Come True

The Official Engagement Picture
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Today Monaco celebrates an event which has been long awaited in the small Principality, an event which most Monegasque people were wondering if they will get to see it. This event gives the small country a new stability and a view of its future: H.S.H. Albert II of Monaco will marry his fiancee, Miss Charlene L. Wittstock, an African swimming athlete.

All eyes are already on the Principality, as two long hard days are announced. There will certainly be comparisons to the wedding in London in April, but above all one has great expectations for the future princess, because she must win the hearts of the people, not just stand in the shadow of the memory of Grace Kelly. And she is on the right track there, with 48 hours of party announced and over 200 public events taking place - this will really create an atmosphere of closeness to the people, an idea which the Prince was keen on.

The official program, with the Monaco time looks like this:
First of July 2011 - 17:00 - Throne Room of the Prince's Palace - Civil Marriage
18:00 - Palace Square - Evening Buffet
20:00 - Port - Reception
22:00 - Port Hercule - Jean Michel Jarre Concert
Second of July 2011 - 17:00 - Courtyard of the Castle - Church Wedding
18:30 - Saint Devote Church - Ceremony of the Bridal Bouquet
21:00 - Opera Garnier - Official Dinner and Ball
22:00 - Louis II Stadium - Eagles Concert
23:30 - Monaco Bay - Fireworks, Pyrotechnical Arrangement by Jacques Couturier

After the civil ceremony on the first day, the prince and his princess along with 7618 Monegasques and their companions will take part in an evening buffet. The hotel chain Fairmont took responsibility for the food offered then, and the menu is selected symbolically: fairmont Zimbali in South Africa will offer typical African dishes and Fairmont Monte Carlo will help with the local touch.

Because the prince is known for his environmentally f
riendly behavior, compostable and biodegradable plates and cutlery have been chosen for this event. Even the vehicle of the couple is special! The 23 June 2011 specifically for the wedding delivered Lexus LS 600h L is a hybrid. The prince has long been a supporter of hybrid or electric cars and he promises a huge tax credit for everyone in Monaco, who chooses to purchase such a vehicle.

Also the menu of the official dinners should be made simple, durable and environmentally friendly. For this, the most starred Chef in the world, Alain Ducasse, has been chos
en, together with his team from SBM. Alain Ducasse and his around 350 helpers will prepare the dinner for about 450-500 guests, making sure it has a strong local Mediterranean flair. The ingredients should be locally (this approach is environmentally friendly and also relies on ethics), therefore vegetables and other plants were seeded long time ago in the garden of the Grimaldi family, and tomorrow these will be used for the official gala dinner. The fish will be fished along the coasts of Monaco on Saturday morning by one of the last fisher families in the Principality. Although he has not officially released the menu of the dinner, Alain Ducasse has revealed some of it: for the reception of the guests he will serve fried dumplings filled with vegetables - probably the Monegasque dish Barbagiuan.

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Afterwards, the Chef reveals that the fish for the main dish (red mullet, scorpion fish and others) will be cooked in fish broth and will be accompanied by red South African wine. For the sweet ending of the evening, Alain Ducasse will use the milk from the cows in the property of the prince. Foie gras, truffles or caviar are in the period of an economic downturn not welcome, the luxury now is being ecological.

Even if you don't come from Monaco, but you are near the happening, I advise you to be there.
On July 1st at12 o'clock local time all parking lots in Monaco start to be without charge and more trains than usual will hold in Monaco. The concert of Jean Michel Jarre is t
he free and one should also not miss the fireworks at the end of two days, because Jacques Couturier can leave one speechless with his work.

But if you can not be there, 1500 journalists will be there for you, reporting from Monaco and you can watch the wedding live on the internet (on, euronews, etc.)

Only a few hours left until the dream wedding begins...

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  1. Thanks for all the details, Ingrid. :) The future princess will certainly have a difficult job.


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