Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ermenegildo Zegna: Cool – Cooler – The Cool Effect

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Entering the second century of the brand’s existence, the SS11 collection of Ermenegildo Zegna is a celebration of style, craftsmanship, tradition and innovation. This season unveils one more time the secret behind the brands consistency: looking into the future while keeping strong roots. Translating the Italian DNA into a global gentleman’s needs, Zegna also demonstrates it knows how to cater best to its customer in reuniting style, quality, tradition, excellence, masculinity and contemporaneousness under the same collection.

With and enduring passion for fabric and novelty, this season’s innovation include “Silko”, “Silk Seersucker”, “Crossover Seersucker Suits”, “Zero Weight”, “Micro Silk” and “High Performance Cool Effect”, making this collection an extremely enjoyable wardrobe for the classy man with a multi-faceted lifestyle.

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The “Cool Effect” is one of the leading innovations and one which offers the wearer both an impeccable appearance and maximum comfort while he is being exposed to hot climates. The secret behind lies in an exclusive wash treatment which the fabric undergoes, enabling the dark material to replicate the reflective properties of light colored ones. This treatment reduces thus the fabric’s surface temperature, cooling in this manner the effect of the summer sun. The fibers’ quality, woven from pure Australian wool, is not affected by this treatment, keeping its characteristic lightness, softness and sumptuousness to the touch.

There is a range of clothing available with the Cool Effect fabric, from refined suits to relaxed jackets, conferring the wearer a stylish relaxed silhouette in an assortment of rich blues, grays, browns and a range of tonal patterns.

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This collection holds two of the attributes a man would want to invest in when buying a suit: classicism and masculinity. Add to that a fabric innovation like the Cool Effect and he will not only look good in an outfit that compliments his male physique, but he will feel comfortable and confident in any hot situation.

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