Monday, July 4, 2011

Monaco Royal Wedding: Exclusive Pictures!

My dear readers,

as I have already promised, I am showing you some pictures that have been shot there and then for the civil marriage, the "church" wedding and for the buffet afterwards or the firework show (see program of the events here)...all exclusively shot by a Monegasque. Mrs. Andree Pelassy and I were discussing about this event even before the engagement and last year brought new excitement for us, because we knew Monaco would be a wonderful place to be during this princely period.

Our expectations were met, and because she had the honour of participating in most of the events, I took advantage and kindly asked her to send some pictures which I could post here for all of you to see.

For the buffet, she told me, there were a lot of fruits, plus local specialities such as the Monegasque Barbagiuan or South African fish and meat dishes. Around ten bars were there only for the serving of Champagne, which made the event even more pleasent.

Here you can see the compostable and biodegradeable plates I told you the prince had chosen, due to his ecologically friendly attitude.

Here's a bit from the fruit-bar.

The Jean Michel Jarre concert was really amazing, here are some pictures from the fireworks.

And the next day the guests arrive for the wedding ceremony,'s Naomi:

Accompanied by her dad, H.S.H. Princesse Charlene of Monaco is making her way to her prince...

And there they are both before getting into the car to be driven to the church Sainte Devote...

So, in the end, I must say a very big MERCI BEAUCOUP, ANDREE! and I really hope that you have enjoyed seeing these pictures.

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