Thursday, June 30, 2011

Monaco Royal Wedding: Facts You Should Know

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Friday is almost here and before you start watching the show while slowly sipping some great quality Champagne (my recommendation for the weekend...), you should check some facts related to the event or to the future princess or the prince Albert.

What makes us all curious is of course, the wedding gown: how will it look like? Probably very simple and elegant, one thing is sure: the designer who will dress the princess for this wonderful occasion is Giorgio Armani, one of her favourites, and the dress will belong to the Haute-Couture Line "Armani Prive".

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Another interesting fact is that Charlene will have changed her religion for this wedding. The former Protestant has become Catholic in April, making it possible to marry her prince. The small state of Monaco has Catholicism as official religion and the royal family has been brought up in a strong Catholic environment.

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Charlene will wed her prince twice. Yes, you've read this correctly. And I am not referring to the fact that she will have the church ceremony/wedding one day after she has the civil marriage, but there will also be a more private wedding in South Africa, on the 7th of July, according to the "Sunday Times". Together with around 200 guests the two will be again wed and have a beach party at a five star hotel called the "Oyster Box" near Durban. The menu will be created out of South African delicacies to which they will be drinking "the best champagne", according to the manager of the hotel.

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Another thing you might want to know: Charlene loves children. The twenty years younger bride-to-be than her future husband is thinking of having children of her own once she gets married. But Albert already confessed being father of two children so far: Jazmine Grace Rotolo born on the 4th of March 1992 and Andre Coste, born on the 28th of August 2003.

And one more thing for today, before we wake up to Friday, the day of the royal wedding: the official dress-code for ladies states that at the ceremony on the 2nd of July the hat is an absolute MUST.

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