Sunday, June 26, 2011

Absolutely Fabulous Raw Chocolate

No, I am not a Sagittarius, but a very nice Gemini who had her birthday last week. One might think that after receiving very wonderful gifts (which I did, all of them coming from the heart), one does not need to go out and buy new stuff. But how could I miss the latest edition of the Absolutely Fabulous Fair which took place last weekend at Cafepedia Romana in Bucharest? You're right, it was impossible to be absent, and I don't regret one bit m decision, because I made a very interesting discovery.

Among various clothes from designers who don't miss this fair and other vintage collectors/sellers, I found this lovely jacket. I didn't buy it, because my wardrobe is close to exploding, but I photographed it and, if some of you didn't make it in time for my birthday present, this would be on the top of my wish list.

I again admired the wonderful clutches from BuyHand which I am planning to get in the near future.

Ah, and of course, how could I not mention meeting finally wonderful Nookie Denisa from FashionInMyEyes. She had a lovely bag which I absolutely adored and oh her necklace fitting her nail polish (or the other way around?)...lovely! Me, on the other hand, I was a bit tired after a week of being ill and also all the excitement around my can see me here (don't judge, I was tired).

And of course, I told you about a beautiful discovery I have made: RAW CHOCOLATE!

There was a lovely "Chocolatrice", as she calls herself, who greeted me in the lobby of the building and explained me what I wanted to know about this new product in Bucharest.
Most of us know that chocolate, even if healthy, can sometimes become a "guilty pleasure", so why not change this while still enjoying the great taste and even more benefits as usual? So why RAW you might ask...well, simple, because a product not being prepared with high temperatures gets to keep its natural goodness, in this case, the one of the cocoa bean. Also, most of the chocolate you can buy today is the result of a highly industrialized process, but this raw chocolate is a result of love and care for what the cocoa bean stands for, it is a handmade product. Another great aspect is the absence of the refined (white) sugar, which can easily transform chocolate bars into junk food. This chocolate here is dark chocolate which has been naturally sweetened with agave nectar.
There are many other benefits, such as:
- raw chocolate is an energy booster
- raw chocolate and raw cocoa beans can help strengthen your cardiovascular system
- raw chocolate helps reduce depression, chronic fatigue, weakness caused by stress
- raw chocolate helps boost the immune system
- raw chocolate is an aphrodisiac
- cocoa has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties
- cocoa is a good source of minerals such as magnesium, sulphur, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, copper and others plus some of the B Vitamins
- cocoa is the best antioxidant there is...

So, after reading all this, one can say that it is for sure healthy!!! How about the taste? Well, don't worry, I was nicely permitted to pick one flavour to take home with me and taste . After having a quick look at the offered variety, I chose "Easter Sunshine", because the combination of chocolate with sunflower seeds and sun-dried mango seemed curious yet intriguing.

My opinion? It's a wonderful combination of tastes and layers which come in your brain at different times, a great pick for a food lover like myself. It has the bitterness of dark chocolate and a consistency of "chocolate truffles" (my personal tip: don't leave them in the fridge, because the flavour will not be as developed as you could have it otherwise, store it in a room temperature dark place). But the sunflower seeds give it a crunchiness and a seriousness to the playful chocolate. At the end, the sweet and slightly sourish mango comes to complete this chocolate poetry. Mmmmmm....I just took a bite ten minutes ago and still can taste all the layers!!!

My verdict: perfect combination between healthy and indulgence, so no longer a "guilty pleasure"!
For more details, check out the Facebook page of the one who are "guilty" of bringing conscious to Romania here. And if you wish to purchase this chocolate, you can find it (from what I've heard, at the moment exclusively) at Bacania Veche. If you're new to my blog or have missed reading about them, check out the post about them here.

Have a healthy and sweet end of weekend!


  1. The Buyhand clutches are indeed fantastic. I too am planning to get one in the veeery near future!


  2. Happy (belated) Birthday, dear Ingrid! Wishing you all the best! I'll have to catch up on your blogging, I've had a hectic schedule these months. :) Ada


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