Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monaco Royal (and Gourmet) Wedding: Sweet Goodies

(Picture Source: http://www.gala.fr/var/gal/storage/images/media/images/actu/photos_on_ne_parle_que_de_ca/macarons_laduree/1692809-1-fre-FR/macarons_laduree_reference.jpg)

The wedding we are all expecting in Monaco this weekend has launched a series of initiatives from mainly French brands to create products related to this event. Two of them I would like to mention are Laduree and Fauchon...in one word: YUMMY!!!

Laduree has chosen a more personal approach in my opinion, creating a limited edition "coffret" with eight macarons, four being linked to the preferences and roots of the future Princess Charlene and the other four being linked to the likes of H.S.H. Albert II: Guava macarons for her and Anise-Raspberry for him. Hers are made of an almond shell and light cream flavoured with pink guava from South Africa and his are made of an almond shell and raspberry jam spiced with star anise.
The colours of the macarons are resembling the colours of the Monegasque flag, and the box is fitting the rest of the limited edition items which are on the market for this wedding. Designed in the shades of white and gold, it bears the Grimaldi family coat of arms and the monograms of the spouses (A and C).
I have previously written about Laduree and its macarons and limited editions, so if you would like to have a more in-depth view on it, check my other entry here.

(Picture Source: http://www.gala.fr/var/gal/storage/images/media/images/actu/photos_on_ne_parle_que_de_ca/coffret_macarons_laduree/1692805-1-fre-FR/coffret_macarons_laduree_reference.jpg)

The other sweet surprise for this wedding comes from Fauchon, the gourmet food shop. On July 1st, when Charlene will say YES to her prince, around 8000 Monegasque people will be there to watch and to join the so-called "Cocktail for Residents" in Port Hercule, where, in co-operation with the caterers, Fauchon will introduce its limited and new version of the éclair. This dessert is even more Monaco than the one from Laduree, its covering glaze wearing the colours of Monaco, red and white, in a checkerboard arrangement. Inside the pastry will be a bourbon vanilla cream and strawberries from Carros scented with rose - a perfect mix of flavour and refinement that is meant to melt in your mouth. The lucky Monegasque people will enjoy the pastry at the event, but everyone else will be able to buy it for a limited time after the wedding. You can find it in the Fauchon boutique in The Metropole mall, Monaco.

And if after reading this you're in the mood for even more goodies, check out the following blog entries on the wedding: even more information to come with the countdown! Stay tuned!!!

(Picture Source: http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/260318_136902769719208_129575557118596_251545_481838_n.jpg)


  1. They look so yummy, Ingrid. And your detailed description of these goodies makes them even more covetable. Looking forward to the wedding. :)


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