Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Two Royal Weddings, Different Approaches. Lexus as Official Supplier.

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While some are distracted by merchandise such as the above, others try to make a statement while choosing brands and the way they use objects for a royal wedding. This is also the case of the Principality of Monaco. Although at the moment everybody's eyes are towards London and that future Royal Wedding in April of Kate and William, on the Mediterranean there are also preparations being done for the 2nd of July of this year, when Prince Albert II of Monaco will say yes to his fiancee, Charlene Wittstock. So this is why there was a selection of vehicles made for this event, and no, it's not a carriage, but it is this Lexus LS600h, which has already received the "MC 01" license plate and flashing lights. It is another occasion for HSH Prince Albert II to make a statement for the environment, and he is making it loud and clear by choosing Lexus also as the Official Supplier to the principality. The car which will be used at his wedding will be used at a parade pace on a pure electric mode and this is why he again shows how determined he is about environmental issues. It is widely known that he is very supportive of this matter and he has been offering Monegasque citizens the opportunity to engage in this eco-friendly step by offering massive tax credit to anyone who would choose to buy an electric car in the Principality.

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