Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nürnberg trip

This weekend (a 4-day weekend) I had enough time to travel down to Nürnberg and see part of my family from my father's side. It was a weekend when a lot of things happened, a lot of smiles were shared and little sleep we got. But it was just great and I felt a bit sad to go back. The best feeling was of being in the middle of a family, which was MY family. Another very rewarding thing was that so many generations from so many backgrounds get back together and become ONE!

I also went a bit back in time during this trip. For those who don't know it, I lived 1993 in Nürnberg. Scarce memories still remained, such as moments from this building, which I called home for a while.

Going back in time was also due to the visit of this Zeppelinfeld and Zeppelintribüne which are part of the Former Nazi Party Rally Ground in Nürnberg. This was one of the places from where The Führer used to hold his speaches. Now it was just a rainy afternoon, and the ground which we saw from upstairs was filled with trucks containing animal food and toys, for a fair for animals held nearby.

After the Nazi grounds we went to the city old center, which is filled with old churches, a bit of a strong contrast to what we had seen earlier. But the rain was still there. So my cousin and I decided to get warm and have something to drink.

First we passed over a bridge which was somehow still in my memories,...so I had to take a picture.

Then we passed by a wishing well. You have to turn the golden ring and make a wish,..so they say. And so I did!

Then we entered finally this place: it looked very touristic at the beginning, but then we saw that there are many locals who were regular guests there. We talked with a few, as you were seated with other people at the tablee. Weird, I thought the first moment, but then I considered it to be fun. Fun, fun, fun!

The food was amazing! With full stomach we went then to the cinema close by and we saw a really good German movie called Vincent will Meer.

The next day, on Saturday, we went to buy dresses for both cousins, as we had planned to go to a dance ball later in the evening. Also some business clothes were bought, as my dear Monika would go this week to a political reunion in Berlin. We loved to try different outfits.
Back home we enjoyed a nice grill (was missing that) and then went upstairs to try the dresses.
The evening came and we went to the ball, but some of us went back home really fast, changed clothes and shoes and then joined happy crouds in the center of Nürnberg.

The little one was in the meantime already sleeping, so I enjoyed also the full presence of my aunt! It was a nice night.

The city was lit blue, as it was The Blue Night of Museums. People were singing "Country roads" around the fire and everybody was having a good time.

The Blue night didn't make us blue at all, we were very happy, and all a bit sad that the moment was so short. The next morning I left back for the North. But I hope to see these people again soon.


  1. Nice!
    I wish i were there!Maybe next time.

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