Sunday, May 2, 2010

Amazing entry to follow...

This weekend has been, like I had planned, a culture filled one. The best thing, which I had stated in my portfolio (100/100 points on that one) about luxury is, that I used all my senses to enrich myself. It was a see-smell-taste-feel-hear weekend and it was magnificent. Some might consider it a quiet one, with one day staying inside and the other being inside an exhibition, but I have a huge feeling of happiness right now. I'm afraid it might be spoiled by the routine of the workplace tomorrow, but will smile and enjoy it until then.

This weekend also left me hungry for more: more adventure, more discoveries, more quests. Next week it's the harbour's anniversary here in Hamburg. The amazing Queen Mary II is again on her way to this city and I will be more than glad to welcome her. But until then, I am dreaming again of the ancient Greek, the 18th century English, the gastronomic pleasures, the old and lovely city of Berlin and the land of pharaos. IT WAS AMAZING! I promise I will write a full description of these days and add some pictures. Till then, I wish you a good night!

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