Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gastronomic Pleasure

It is time for a new blog entry on my favourite topic ever: food! I must admit, I have started eating a lot lately, but maybe it is work-related: consuming a lot of energy during the day with a lot of work. Or maybe the cold weather rises the desire to eat?! I know in the evening I eat well and tasty, as during the day the canteen can't offer me this all the time. During the day, eating is more a filling function rather than pleasure, so that's why, when I come home, I am waiting for great tasting food. I want to feel the pleasure in that. I am extremly lucky to have a wonderful lady as my landlady, who is someone enjoying good way of life: a nice drink every evening, great food, good tea, nice music...etc.

Every now and then I also get to cooking (usually I come home from work after the first part of preparations have been done). Yesterday I had planned a thrilling dinner. It seemed that we were so filled after the main course, that we didn't even get to eat the desert.

So this is what I did yesterday: I filled half of a chicken breast with a self-made basil-garlic-pine nuts-pesto and fried it a bit, together with some spring onions and red pepper. I then took an oven form and put the vegetable in first, then the cicken, and covered it with freshly grated parmesan. On top I put some of the remaining pesto. After a while, the fork spaghettis were boiled and put them next to the chickn in the oven, covering them again with parmesan. We were so satisfied by this lunch,...and the desert will have to wait till this evening. For that I took one orange, an apple and a pear, cut them to small cubes, added some butter in a frying pan, added the fruits, added sugar, cinnamon and a bit of red wine: DONE! can be eaten warm, warm on ice cream or cold,which we will do today evening.

Excuse me, I have to run now, as the ice-man is again ringing his bell, and for the first time since I'm at this company, I am going to taste it finally now, as the weather is OK for ice, and so is my health.

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