Monday, May 17, 2010

The Most Expensive iPad

Just a short blog entry today, but again about a "most expensive" item. I stumbled upon the most expensive Ipad today. I was not sure if this would be a useful, at least I did not see much sense in it, especially after I saw it at one of my work colleagues. But it's the I-craze, so one has to take things as they are and consider such gadgets useful. One of them costs on the German market a bit under 800 €. The front is a touch screen, not much one could do about it, but turn it around and you find a back side which one, for example the goldsmith Katherine Hughes, thinks you could transform. She used gold, a lot of it! The material which is now the back case of the most expensive iPad is made out of 2,1kgs of 22 ct gold. The apple logo is also bling-bling-ish, with 53 diamonds of totally 25,5 carats. So now, after all this gold-smith-creation has been done, you get an average new gadget with basic functions for a stunning price of more than 152.000€.

If you ask me, here is an example where an iPad has been integrated into a kitchen, lost therefore its portability, but is definitely more useful than the one presented above. What do you think???

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