Friday, May 21, 2010

Luxury and Arts

A German saying goes like this "Papier ist geduldig", which means something like "paper is patient", as you can do a lot with it, write a lot on it (without it having to be necessarily true) etc.

Paper can also be transformed into art, and folding paper to create different forms (flowers, animals, objects) is an art of form called Origami. The classical origami uses mainly a square-cut paper without the addition of cuts or glueing. Before paper was known or spread, people used to fold material in various forms, then, as paper was scarce, it was used only for certain ceremonies for folding.

Nowadays you can find it in all types of colours and patterns, as well as sizes. So, in order to pay a tribute to their wonderful patterns on their silk scarves, Hermes presented the in a hand-stiched black saddle leather envelope a set with several origami papers featuring various patterns of their scarves. Presented in a black lacquer box, this final product is priced at around 600 €. I wonder how it will be sold in Japan.


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