Wednesday, April 7, 2010

An Education... or translation from the Romanian translation: a lesson for life

Went yesterday out and I landed in front of a movie theatre, bought tickets to An Education, a movie I had wanted to see for months. And it is indeed a movie worth seeing.

I am not going to talk about the actors or the charm the film creates, but of what is and what is not related to luxury. I think this movie is a sweet way of criticizing even the society nowadays. We have all become too materialistic. We label people by the labels they are wearing. If you wear Chanel you are like this, if you wear Guess you are like that, if you wear LV you are in another way...but this judgem,ent is wrong. It is merely a description of what we own and not of what we are and what we were or would like to be.

"What, are going to read English BOOKS??? You can read magazines...and you surely learn more from them!"
Unfortunately this is an attitude I have noticed to become more and more frequent in the people which surround us. Even some elder relatives of mine consider that being on TV is far more cool and more intelligent than having taken two university degrees.
"Knowing a famous author is better than becoming one. It shows you're connected." That's Jack's attitude, and after being so harsh on his daughter who would make a great Oxford candidate, he is ready to drop all for some shortcuts. I guess most of us would tend to do that: fast success, fast money, fast glamour. Why make it "hard and boring" like education and honesty?
I guess the answer is also given in the movie, altough Jenny, the main character, throws this line in another context:"If you never do anything, you never become anyone."

So what is the lesson we should remember? Let me just tell you another thing: last year, as a guest speaker to a entrepreneurial contest, Sir Stelios from EasyJet told the crowd that for making it like him you need a rich father. Yes, to make it that fast, maybe. Everybody looks up to Mr Trump, but didn't he also have someone guard his back?

Fact: movie worth seeing. Another fact: education is worth more than posession, as noone can ever take it away from you. Noone can change who you really are, no matter what you have or don't have.

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  1. Was a treat reading this note and insight. Fully agree to the thought of you can not be anyone if do not do something. We are all looking spiritual fulfillment in material things. I will see this movie soon too
    Thanks for recommendation.


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