Wednesday, April 21, 2010

These shoes are made for walking!

It's time for an entry which is more women-targeted then the previous. And here is the news: Jimmy Choo is launching its trainers' collection, the first one.

These shoes have come to my attention, and must I say, not at all positively, during a fashion show last year in Monaco. Of course the design was great and appealing, but it seemed that those stilettos I was seeing there had been made to be showpieces for a museum. Or as torture instruments! Fact was, the poor girls were not able to walk in those shoes. With evry step they were taking I thought that those articulations and legs had seen their last helathy minutes.

So, it seems just wonderful when you get an item of news such as this one: they make trainers! Here you can see them:

The snake-skin sneakers are so wanted that there is even a waiting list for them. Their prices range from 350€ to 475€.

Which one is your favourite? Here are some detail pictures of my favourite one:


  1. Ei, s-a ajuns si la JimmyChoo trainers. I kinda like the 4th and the 5th picture, but I still think Vans make cooler sports shoes....

  2. mi se pare absolut cool faptul ca in sf se gandesc si la picioarele purtatorilor ha!

  3. Frumos!

    Exista si trainers pentru mirese?


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