Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A good way to sleep...

I bet each and any one of you has once dreamt of not being where you were (university, library, workplace, meetings etc.), but being instead in a bed and taking a good rest. A great sleep. Well, yes, it happened to me as well.

This is how a company came to my attention: Hästens. The mid 19th century saw the beginning of this company, and like big companies in the luxury industry, they also started as saddlery. it seems that a saddlery at that time was also doing mattresses. The first Hästens mattress is supposed to have been done around 1852. Words such as good craftsmanship and high quality have been regarded as holy and lead the philosophy of their doing. These two words should also be today the basis of a good luxury product or service.

The Hästens beds are even today manually produced by using high quality natural materials, such as horse hair, cotton, wool a.o., it has to be materials which "breathe", so that you get a perfect rest and are surrounded by all comfort. The best thing is that there is also a 25 years guarantee, including spring and frame breakage. What else would you want?

I clicked myself through their website and you can also do a test according to your features and preferences which will reveal what Hästens bed is ideal for you. I got this one:

It's the "interior" or "detail" view of the 2000T II. More technical details you can gather from their website. Still, I just like to add what they say about this small miracle: Hästens 2000T II is one of Hästens’ most exclusive beds, featuring exquisite detail and unique design. The fact that it is also the bed of your dreams goes without saying.

Hope you guys sleep well tonight and dream of this baby!!!

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