Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What money should buy...

I know, it has been a while, but I am back to work, and it is really hard to still find the time to search for a nice topic. Still, I will make up for it, I promise.

The other day I saw someone writing on someone else, that the second person would love the most to have money. I myself believe that money doesn't bring hapiness, but it really sustains it. Still, a wise buyer with less money will have more in the future than someone who just spends it in a bling-bling kind of way. I was reading an article on Birkin Bags also a few days back,...which is for sure an investment. Bt it is also an investment to get there. Nevertheless, the Birkin might be a topic for the future entries.

Today I want to shortly discuss a tendency with I have noticed in 2010 collections of watches but also at auctions for timepieces: the wise luxury buyer loves to "acheter utile" as they say and turn their heads more and more towards classical and timeless pieces. Mainly Hour-Minute function, some with second or small second function as well.This is the 2010 launch from Piaget, the new Automatic Altiplano Ultrathin 50th anniversary LE. It owns the world's thinnest self-winding movement currently on the market with a thinkness of just 2.35mm. Amazing!

These two were 2010 SIHH Presentations of Ultrathin from Vacheron Constantin. These are the Historique Ultra-fine 1955 (round case) and the Historique Ultra-fine 1968 (square case)., which were added to the HISTORIQUE collection.

Another SIHH 2010 presentation comes from Zenith: Elite 681 Ultrathin, with a selfwinding movement.

Last but not least I am adding a JaegerLeCoultre watch from 2009, the Master Grande Ultra-Thin.

The Classic simple designs are bringing back traditional feelings. They are not considered watches with complications, but the movements have to be of highest precision in while being so thin...and this is the art of watchmaking. It just depends on the buyer if he purchases wisely!


  1. I love men's watches! When I see them I sometimes wish I were a man!

  2. yes, acomplished i must say piaget watches are something, but what about audermas piguet and those limited editions on royal oak offshore? :X i must say that this post has stuck to my "watches-collectionary" heart! and yes Ingrid i am interested in your writings, good-luck in posting. :P i'll spread the news.. te pup

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