Monday, March 29, 2010

The little black dress

I think I own about 10 simple black dresses, each one with just a small detail or a hint of being different, but not turning too much away from the concept of the LBD.

Origin of this black dress is linked, as fashion historians say it, to Coco Chanel's revolution of fashion. She re-created simplicity thus bringing the female beauty back to its importance, and not letting the "decorations" take over the "character".

Seeing all these trends now - flowers, marine style, 2 layers of dresses etc. (which I do not say are wrong or not attractive), I have to think of Coco telling about her creation in the book Die Kunst, Chanel zu sein. Coco Chanel erzählt ihr Leben (The Art of Being Chanel. Coco Chanel retells her life): "not anyone can wear a black dress." It is a matter of style, attitude, elegance, which need to be more or less innate.

So, there are still some differences between expensive and luxury as there are differences between people who OWN/HAVE and people who ARE.

So, you dare to wear a LBD now?

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