Sunday, January 15, 2012

World's Most Expensive Business Cards

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Have you ever wondered how much first impressions count in creating business contacts and hence business opportunity? Have you ever put thought into how you do a handshake, how your table manners are, how you dress to impress (and to fit the occasion) or how your face loos like and what a smile can do for you? I am sure you did, because, even if you are not a freelance and even if you don't work for a brand, first of all, you should be your own brand and building "YOU" takes time and effort.

So let's say you have given all the above a thought - and you meet someone really influential or someone you want to do business with...or just someone who you admire a lot and you want to stay in touch with - and you want to introduce yourself - and then you pull out this business card from Black Astrum: a bespoke diamond-encrusted statement business card - which come in sets of 25, 50 and 100 cards, a full set containing around 30 carats of diamonds.

Now this is a card that can say something about you without any words: it is a signature card targeting the ultra high net worth individuals of the world, which you get access to by invitation only (so privileged high net worth people), with an average price of around 1000 pound sterling per card - which the individual just gives to introduce himself - so he puts more accent on other values than money (money is easily spent) but still wants to make a statement. It also tells about the importance the person receiving it has to the owner of the cards.

And it has just been launched in London. So when will you receive it from someone? Or when will you use it to make a statement?

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