Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year - China's Top Luxury Gifts

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We all know that the Chinese New Year is one of the biggest migrations there is, but it is also a time when commerce flourishes for some, because gifting is very important in the Chinese culture. The colour red has to be somehow included in the gift, and this year very valued are the Dragons, but what are the top brands to give gifts from for the Chinese?

According to the Hurun Report, these are the brands that get the most bought from the luxury industry:
1. Louis Vuitton 14,9%
2. Cartier 10,3%
3. Hermes 8%
4. Chanel 6,2%
5. Moutai 5,9%
6. Apple 5,7%
7. Dior 4,6%
8. Prada 3,9%
9. Rolex 3,6%
10. Armani 3,4%

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