Monday, January 9, 2012

Emporio Armani Campaign Spring-Summer 2012

Dear all,
today I present you the Emporio Armani Campaign for the Spring-Summer 2012 season.
Out of all the bands of the Armani Group, Emporio Armani seems to be the best sold one. It is nr 3 most expensive one in the group and it targets young adults with its fresh and sleek design.

For this campaign the pictures were shot in Hong Kong, with Armani himself as the creative director. Alasdair McLellan, a London-based photographer and one of the leading fashion photographers of his generation, took the shots. Alasdair believes that photography should be personal and I believe these pictures reflect just that - they are not just product presentations, no, I believe that Alasdair has captured the models' expressions so well and Armani has made them integral part of the surrounding while still standing out with their personality.

From the Emporio Armani page we read that the photographer has "captured the elegance and the romance of the city, as well as its urban sophistication and the unique cultural mix of Eastern and Western influences". I say he has captured reality, a world full of contrasts which coexist wonderfully, the development towards Eastern countries, the mix of Western attitudes with the Eastern world etc.,...and the choice of models also helps in doing so.

As for the clothes... I just adore them! I am a fan of classical style, and this is modern classical with a twist. The straight lines highlight the sleeknes of Armani's style, while geometrical details make the outfit fresh and bold, in a way making a statement for the wearer: "I am confident - and I feel good!". This architectural design of the clothes and accessories is also made more sophisticated through accents such as a nice cleavage (the cut), a snake print (the material), a heel of a shoe (the concept)...

All in all - this is a campaign I really like and I am sure it will be very successful. What do you think?

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