Thursday, September 9, 2010

Support this project of Into The World!!!

Life and Luxury is trying to promote the following project which you can see on the next link
Into the World is a bike-ride through Africa, which has more humanitarian and ecological reasons behind it. Please make their website popular and maybe you can help the team with any relevant information or whatever they might still need to make this expedition successful!!!

Thank you in advance!


  1. Hey this is a great effort! I'll make a badge and put it on my site too ;)

    Si da, trebuie neaparat sa ne vedem! (si eu aveam lilieci, si o vrajitoare atarnata haha)


  2. multumim mult ptr suport inge si ioana, ce bloguri dreamy aveti, in cateva zile o sa fie up si sistemul de donatii ptr campania in spijinul UNICEF si atunci chiar ar fi de mare ajutor sa afle lumea. numai bine, a & i


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