Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hermes - back to origins in an innovative way

While other sports such as skiing have and tennis or golf have been constantly working to make their sports equipment better, the equestrian sports have been rather very traditional in that sense. But here's an end to that: showing where they came from, Hermes presents this new saddle called Tamaris, an only 1,5kg heavy beauty, lighter than traditional ones. They have worked with innovation here, replacing hard materials with lighter and better ones, such as carbon and injected thermoplastic. Hurray to a new era of horse-riding. For horse lovers also a must! At Hermes you can purchase this beauty at around 9.100$. Have fun bringing tradition into a new era.

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  1. topic related: Gucci started to redesign equestrian clothes after a very long break and they're sponsoring Charlotte Casiraghi :)


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