Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How do wealthy Romanians party?

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As I have changed my work place recently and moved back to Romania, I come now in touch with the HNWI of this part of Europe. So yesterday I had an invitation to an event which was called "Cuban Night" and took place at the LeGaga Club in Bucharest.

The company organizing it imports Habanos in Romania and distributes them.

When I arrived I felt a bit cold due to a part of the club being open and had to keep my trench coat on. The good thing still was that the ventilation plus the open area allowed the air to be breathable, as, I must admit, enduring the cigar smoke for me is a bit of a torture.

There was a Cuban band there which unfortunately did not bring Cuban dancers, but took Romanian ones. At a point given my boss and I were wondering if we are at a Turkish party or at the Cuban Night we had been promised.

The food was good. There was a great selection of cold fingerfood including caviar, smoked salmon, various sortiments of cheese, salads, mozarella-tomato-skewers etc. There was also the warm food corner, with diffrent steaks and boiled or baked vegetables.

The highlight for me still was this great and beautiful mature woman who, in all that noise and fuss, was doing what she knew best: her job. She was the torcedora Carmen Luisa Rodriguez Loinaz, and was producing just in front of our eyes the beloved (for some) cigars. This showed me that there is still passion for the things well done, for the art (of smoking), for hand-made luxury.

Funny thing about this story? The band was trying so hard to animate the people around, this woman I just mentioned was trying hard to cater to their smokers' wishes, the organized food was trying hard to satisfy any taste,...but the people there were so still, so ...grey, why all the money and the fuss of coming into a Ferrari even if you don't quite fit in it beacause you're fat...why all that? Maybe one of them will tell me one day!

All in was an OK evening...

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