Wednesday, April 29, 2015

zChocolat - A Collection for my Mother


My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Forrest Gump

As sweet this quote from the famous movie is, as wrong it is about  some things. Life gives you someone you know you will have there forever: your mother, and of course, all her love.  The unconditional love and support a mother can give you are priceless and are life's biggest treasures. Each day, like from a great box of chocolates, she teaches you new lessons, shows you the way, lets you explore your senses, gives you freedom and still offers you strong roots to thrive on.

Whenever I open a box of chocolates from zChocolat I close my eyes and let my fingers pick for me - one chocolate of the collection will tell me about my past, another one will remind me of joy, the third will give me new energy to start all over again, the fourth will make me wonder about all the things I still have to learn in life - be it a new combination of tastes or a new episode from my story.

When I received the Mother's Day zBox 15 from zChocolat, I knew this box was destined for my mother. This seasonal collection offers something new and something traditional, just like what mothers offer their children every day. The packaging is a light pink adorned with a lotus flower, a symbol of love, purity and rebirth. Inside you will find chocolates from their traditional collections, which tastes I have described in previous posts on this blog - absolutely sublime.

Any mother's life is all about her child from the moment she gives birth (or even before that), so this zBox 15 was a great occasion, since mother's day is approaching fast, to offer my mum time for herself, to indulge. I secretly watched the sparkles in her eyes while she was having a cup of tea and secretly eating the chocolates. She enjoyed every minute of it and that made both of us very happy.

My mum will probably say: Life is like a box of zChocolates: new yet traditional, indulging, relaxing and very tasty ;)

You can find the Mother's day collection here. Oh - and one more thing - with the zChocolat boxes of chocolates, you will always know what you are getting, and that is high quality, great taste, craftsmanship, tradition, and last but not least - quick delivery.

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