Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend Travel Light Bag

Since we are approaching a long weekend, and after a discussion with a friend about how to pack light, I decided to share my tips with you.

Last few years have taught me how to reduce "stuff" I take with me on travels and how to stick to what's essential. So here is a list you could consider:

- toothpaste
- toothbrush
- hairbrush
- deodorant
- perfume
- make-up

-->   all of these in small containers. Ignore the shampoo/wash gel, because you will find these wherever you go, be it a hotel or some friend's place. Towels as well - no need for those either, as you will find some at the destination.

- a big scarf - It can serve multiple purposes: you can roll it like a pillow for the plane-/train-ride, cover yourself in it if it gets chillier on a summer evening, wrap around your throat so you don't catch a cold, or even cover your head with it if you, for example, visit a Mosque or a church or take a boat-ride or a city bus-ride on an open double decker.

- an extra pair of trousers - I've learned this the hard way one winter on a trip to Paris, when it was horribly cold outside and I unfortunately stained the only pair of trousers I had with me, so I had to wash that stain off and it was not completely dry the next morning. It was a Sunday so shops were closed, I could not buy a new pair, so I had to walk in that cold with a part of my leg being exposed to the freezing cold. Since then I always have an extra pair with me, even if I travel for only 2 days!

- a sweatshirt/cosy sweater - ideal for the flight, for sleeping, for walking -all you want is to "enjoy the ride" so the word "comfort" should be a guideline for your packing habits

- an extra (light) pair of shoes - for example flexible trainers like those from Nike Free collections - in case it rains and your first pair of shoes is drenched or if you have hiking planned - these are perfect

- Monochrome Tees - easy to match with everything and easily accessorized with the scarf I mentioned before

- Pay attention to your outerwear - in spring weather changes easily - be sure to have something which is fir for rain and with yet light to carry. 3 in 1 jackets are my personal choice

- don't forget your sunglasses - in any season - especially if you are traveling by plane; your phone charger and those easy-to-store in-ear headphones for music

Enjoy the weekend!

P.S. I'll let you in on a secret - if you want to pack that extra sweater or extra T-shirts/trousers, but the space in your bag is insufficient - use vacuum sealed travel bags in order to reduce the volume to a half. This way you can still travel with only one bag and yet have more choice of clothes on the way. Good luck packing!

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