Sunday, February 8, 2015

Unlock Your Heart - Share a Moment - Taste the Love

There's an old saying, stating that the way to unlocking someone's heart is through their stomach. It mainly referred to a man's heart and was directed at women who were supposed to cook their way through a man's affection.
Even if times have changed and both women and men know that their partner or partner to be will appreciate other qualities and will fall in love with so much more than just cooking, taste has a magical way of connecting memories and of generating the perfect decor for a moment which you will never forget.

It is true, just close your eyes and taste your mother's cooking and you will be teleported into your childhood, take a bite of an exotic fruit and you will have summer all around you. Sweet, bitter, fresh, floral, nutty - every flavour brings back so much of what is locked in your heart, of who you are.

This is why zChocolat's proposition for this year's Valentine's day is more than perfect: unlocking your darling's heart with a selection of wonderful chocolates, because there is no taste that talks more about love than chocolate.

I received the wonderful Valentine's Day Ruby which arrived in an elegant mahogany box with a key on the outer lid - what better invitation than this to open and discover what is hidden inside - and I'll let you in on the secret: just like opposites attract, so is this box created: on the one hand you have the 12 "romantic" heart-shaped chocolates, on the other hand you have the traditional assortment. The heart-shaped assortment also mixes dark ganache with white chocolate, soft milk chocolate with hazelnut, vanilla caramel with a dark exterior and a bergamote-infused ganache in a red cover - different but perfect together. You can also enjoy 15 of the traditional assortment with 3 of the famous z-chocolates: crunchy with sweet and salty, another contrasting yet sexy taste combination which will surely melt your heart.

You see, what I'm trying to tell you is that you will create a wonderful moment for your loved one, be it partner or a family member you want to show your appreciation for, if you choose to share such a box with them, because not only will you be sharing time and a moment you will not forget, but you will also share an unforgettable moment together, and it will unlock their heart. Not only because these are tasty chocolates,...but because you thought of sharing with them the best there is.

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