Thursday, January 8, 2015

Being of Age - The New It Thing

Being young and fabulous is a wonderful state, but it passes really quickly, even before you can realize it. So it's when you notice, that products are marketed at people below your age group,  you are 10 years away from college or discussions around you involve changing diapers, that you are indeed getting old...oldER...of age...oh,..whatever you fancy calling it, it's still the same thing.
It's the natural course of life, some come, others go, planet earth still turns and life is not spareing any one of us.

It might look like a sad outcome, but taking into consideration how many medical discoveries we have nowadays which help us have a better life at age, and how beautiful it is to age decently, remaining young at heart and free spirited, having more time to discover the world or to enjoy yourself and the world around you more, I guess we should see it as an opportunity.

Just like two fashion houses thought of taking the opportunity and capturing real beauty in their campaigns.

Dolce & Gabbana in their 2015 ad video features elderly women:

(Picture source:

Or take a look at Celine's new ad with Joan Didion, 80-year-old American writer and fashion-inspiration to many:

(Picture source:

So let's stop wining and try to make the best of life's every age and situation and one thing to remember is: age does not stop us, our mind does. We should never stop or settle, we should never give in. We are beautiful and powerful at any age, only if we are happy with ourselves. So be happy!

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