Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stuttgart's Christmas Market

With the holiday season approaching, I am honestly looking forward to the warming Christmas Markets. This year I am off to see the world's nr. 1 Christmas Market in Germany, the one in Nuernberg. Or, at least, THEY say it's the best. I will get back to you with my personal feedback about it.

Last year, I was in Stuttgart...and, to remind me of it, I NOW found the text I had written then, so here it is for you as well:

Every now and then I have the occasion,through my work, to travel to the southern part of Germany, to Baden-Wuerttemberg, to be more specific. I always stay at the same hotel, in a small city next to Stuttgart, and most of the times, after work, I find myself walking through the city center of Baden-Wuerttemberg's capital.
This time I was here with 3 of my dear colleagues, and, although it was freezing cold, we enjoyed some walks and the first mulled wine of this season.
The Schlossplatz has a skating rink open, with music and oh so many jolly people around. And next to that rink we found the first little houses who served the traditional “Wurst”, the sweets such as glazed apples, strawberries wrapped in dark or white chocolate or heart-shaped ginger bread with different messages on them. And of course..the huts selling mulled wine. All the aromas of Christmas past and Christmas to come. It's funny how THESE little things let your eyes shine and fill your hearts with joy. And they did mine!
It was a perfect way of starting to get into that spirit of happiness, of thankfulness. A way to start thinking about all the good things in life, all the big and small things we are so grateful for. And more important, of all the people.
The small huts were just the “beginning” of what was to turn into a bigger Christmas market in the center of Stuttgart. The Schlossplatz, Rathausplatz, the square next to the old castle and the little streets towards the old market have been now filled with these small houses which are just beautifully transmitting the Christmas spirit while letting you slow down your tempo from the crazy Christmas shopping stress, letting you find yourself and your inner peace.
If you have the chance to visit Stuttgart this season, don't miss out on the Christmas market! You won't regret it!

(Picture source: http://www.germany-christmas-market.org.uk/_marketpix/stuttgart_christmas_market_4.jpg)

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