Monday, July 7, 2014

ISRAEL - I now understand the Berlin Wall

...or at least, I have also experienced that feeling of controlled separation in a country, controlled by check points and guns, walls artificially built up to separate people from people, barbed wire and young (very young) soldiers holding guns (while some were still talking on their phones with pink and blingy covers).

A world of so much contrast, something totally new for me.

In my student semester in Berlin I lived in a student home in the Eastern part of the city, next to the East Side Gallery, a remaining of what used to be the Berlin Wall, the witness of history. It was interesting and of historic value, but it never had the same impact as driving along a wall which still retained its function, like the one in Israel, close to Jerusalem. It didn't give me the same feeling mixture of fear combined with immense sadness and constant question: WHY? Why does it have to be like this.

Then I remembered a the photographic and social project called "Face 2 Face" by French artist JR in Israel and realized the boldness of it: take a look at this video and think....we are not that different...there are more things we have in common than things which set us apart. So why put barriers between us? And why point at each-other with guns when we can just smile and make the world a better place...together.

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