Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 60 blog entries!

Dear all,

as I have promised, here's a glimpse of the Christmas holidays which have passed, altough the mood is still up in the air over here,....maybe still meeting friends and receiving gifts every day helps the spirit to stay alive, haha.

I took some extra time this year, altough it was a bit difficult, and put some extra time in the presents and in the wrapping. I find that going to a mall and letting your gifts wrapped for free by some employee there is convenient but so without any heart put into all of the gifting process, that I just couldn't do it. And in fact, it's not the gift that counts so much, but what the gift represents that really impresses people. Make a small hand-made card and you'll see a diffrent reaction than to a ready-to-buy-one.

I must tell you, my mother was delighted by the Vivienne Westwood type of gift-wrapping which I did for her and both of my parents were most thrilled by the self-made 2011 calendar which is made from my personal pictures and which will be a gift for them to cherish the whole new coming year.

As for me, I got around 5 of the newest books from the luxury domain/luxury industry, which will help me be an even better blogger on this field for you guys and a better professional...for me! Oh, and I might change my mind about fashion as I also got the bible DVD for it, the September Issue. WOW! I simply admire strong and passionate women and seeing Anna Wintour the way I saw her in this documentary just gives me hope and power to follow my dreams and the path I have chosen for myself.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures and have a wonderful end of the year!

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  1. La multi ani, sanatate si mult noroc in ce faci!


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