Friday, December 31, 2010

Bye bye 2010! Happy New Year 2011!!!

Dear all,

2010 has been for me a really full year, moving to anoity in another country, then moving back home (I must tell you I am really fed up with packing, altough I have become the packing queen). I took the liberty of getting inspired from Nookie and her blog fashion in my eyes as for to create the following picture selection of my 2010. It wasn't easy, I must tell you, but going through them was how a new NY's resolution resulted for me: in 2011 I want to be more photographed as from the moment I have gotton my new Nikon I am mainly the one taking pictures.

So here's my end of January, arriving at friends' house close to Berlin before starting my adventure at Montblanc in Hamburg. Little did I know that the snow here was a small example of what was going to follow in the next months. Hope 2011 will be warmer!

February was a bit Gaga...due to the new job and of course the season for carnival in Germany. Some friends and myself went to this huge party in Hamburg, with around 7 dancefloors...thousends of people were was really crazy!

March was a month for myself, I relaxed, visited friends, fed an elephant, went back to Berlin (as you can see from the pic above) and had my first free day from work. This is also the month I started "Life and Luxury".

In April I came back home for some short vacation and this was the month I started going to vintage fairs. Once you start, it is difficult to stop!

May was crazy: visiting relatives in Germany, the harbour anniversary in Hamburg and the QM2 ship from Cunard, a new job proposition, which I finally accepted...

June 2010 was the month some crazy international people met in Monaco and started "the crew". I hope they will reunite soon. May the Buddah Bar power be with them...hahaha!

July 2010 was a month for visits and museums. This is me in a climate capsule. The idea of living in such environments in the future is a bit scary. Time to act for the planet!!!

Oh, August, week of discoveries with my dad! We had a really wonderful discovery tour of Romania and went to a lot of places I hadn't been before. This country is really amazing, one just needs time to discover it!

September 2010 was the month when we had our first highschool-reunion...just five years after finishing it. Another 5 years to go for the next one!

October 2010 - a great month for blogging - and for winter jackets.

November 2010 - dedicated to my passion: gastronomy.

December 2010 is now...I went to Bulgaria, met friends, wrote the 60th blog entry and counted over 7100 blog views (since adding the flagcounter). I am happy now and I can say I am leaving a good year behind and hoping for a great one ahead. But things are what you make of them, so I am happy I had so may friends I visited in 2010 and new things I learned, people I met (like Ada from, things I cooked, tastes I discovered, concerts I went to etc. As for 2011, there are some surprises for the blog and for my professional development.

Happy New Year, my dear ones, have a great year ahead!


  1. Happy New Year, Ingrid! I'm so glad we met and I hope we'll get together sometime soon, next year. :) You had an amazing 2010 and I wish you an even better 2011, to embrace full-heartedly the new challenges and find endless inspiration for more wonderful posts. Kisses. Ada

  2. Happy New Year to you all!!!
    @Ada, thank you very much, I hope so too! Let's plan it once we wake up from tonight's parties...hihihi!

  3. Happy New Year 2011! I hope all your dreams will come true this year!


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