Thursday, November 11, 2010

50 times luxurious and lively

Welcome to my 50th blog entry!

I am really proud I have made it so far, and will surely continue with more passion for luxury, life and all the beautiful feelings and things which surround me. And I am greatful for all the people who inspire me: family, friends, business associates, bloggers or just simple readers.

Here's a taste of my inspiration, I've created this after working a lot with the art of folding paper and because i just love the colour of one of my trench coats: red!

This is truly the colour of passion, so it's just perfect for this entry! Later on, after creating this (it's approximately more than 1 month old), I discovered that other bloggers share my passion, and I'd like to name now Ada from

Thank you all for being my readers and see you at Absolutely Fabulous Fair - Winter Edition for some new inspiration.


  1. I love love love your collage (it's one of my hobbies)! Red can be so inspiring! And thank you so much for naming me in your lovely blog! :)

  2. My pleasure!!! I'm happy I have such lovely readers!


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