Friday, October 29, 2010

Party Lost & Found, Film Festivals, South Korea and Cesaria Evora

Dear friends,

it's been a long while and I deeply regret it not having written what was on my mind at diffrent points in time, but to be honest with you, I was not able, physically, as for the last week and a half I have been in my bed at home and in the one at the I'm still on treatment at home, but feeling better,...well enough to sit for some minutes and write about various things...

Entrance Shop - Party Lost & Found
About two weeks ago, a friend of mine invited me to this party and I have to admit that it was just what I needed on a Thursday evening: a nice place with nice people. I also adored their sense of fashion (Entrance is a concept store which brings really special things, don't hesitate to go on their site and visit them). What I liked most was that everybody was dressed ...funky....diffrent...not regular....but they were looking good! I mean, that particular fashion (which in some cases is too edgy for me, I must admit) was really fitting them didn't seem forced on them, but rather natural! That's what I appreciated. I also appreciated the casualness of it all. The party for Lost & Found had on its invitation following request: to wear something which we thought lost or which is somehow old and we can give it a new value, I found some original bangles which I have for over a year but were lost in my drawer and picked up a purse from my mum,...this green purse has really seen it all I think, but the quality in the leather makes it look even today as if it were new. So I did a combination of purple and frog-green and you can see me in this picture taken by the official photographer at the event (I'm on the left and had only just arrived). I also adored the outfit of my friend Olivia (same picture, in the middle), for more outfits you can go and look at the pictures here.

Film Festivals
Due to my sickness I unfortunately missed out on movies I wanted to see in cinema, such as those of te Festival of the Russian Film (22-28 Oct.), but I heard some opinions on the fesival from this lovely website I follow which didn't make me very happy. I just had a Russian dinner last evening and would like to hear maybe some other opinions on this festival, which will hopefully will make me feel bad that I've missed it. Still, there is one "festival" I don't want to miss, organized by the Goethe Institute in Bucharest, it's the "Days of the German Film", taking place 1-4th November at Cinema Studio. Take advantage of all these cultural events in Bucharest, they really enrich you from the inside!

South Korea
Speaking of culture, I can not express how happy I am that there has been a blog viewer from the Republic of Korea. I have grown interest for this country through various historic sequals which the Romanian Television is transmitting, and I have a great curiosity for the country as it is now. I love the women's traditional clothing, the hanbok, they are a wonder for fashion even today, so simple yet so feminine. They still inspire, and you can see two wonders of this culture here and here. Keep in mind that these are modern interpretations of the hanbok. I also like their "hair-culture" if I can call it like that, but I refer now to the past, to the traditional hairdos.

I must admit I have fallen in love with the wonderful food which sometimes is not food anymore, but just arts.

Hwajeon - rice cookie with azalea flower
(Picture source :

Even I can't really eat spicy food, I went so far and had some in Hamburg (all was shown in a previous blog entry) where I discovered a Korean restaurant and was really delighted by the kimchi, the most traditional of all they offer, something like pickled cabbage. You can watch a short movie on how it's made here. Or you can see how movies got me fascinated with their food here. I really recommend you to take the few minutes and watch as it is really a delight.
I plan to one day visit this country, so whoever visited my blog first, thank you, it's an honour!

Since we are now at the senses chapter, the part I love most, I must tell you about a concert which I have been to, even if I partially didn't enjoy it as I could have because I was feeling sick. My wonderful mother had gotten us tickets to the Cesaria Evora concert which was held a Sala Palatului in Bucharest. The place was more than filled with people who had come to see the "barefoot diva". Her voice is really amazing, really going through your body, and she also was surrounded by an energetic band who made the show even better. What I noticed was that one of the back-up singers was unfortunately blind, but still, he had an amazing voice, and maybe like the faith of Cesaria Evora, his was also to sing and enchant people with his voice. As we know, Cesaria managed a break-through when she was already 47. But since then, nothing seems to keep this woman, who was born in '41, down. Not even health problems: in 2010 she was operated on in May and was put on artificial pulmonary ventilation, 5 months after she's touring and having 2 concerts in Bucharest. Indeed, she coughed several times during some songs, but she kept going. What a great person in a small body that is!

This is why, with this motivation for life and for doing the things you love, I leave you now in the company of this wonderful woman who gives us anothr great advice through her attitude: to keep it simple!

I chose two songs I really liked at the concert: Sodad and Angola. And I chose that video for Angola because it is the "live" experience of how her stage looked like. But unfortunately none of these recordings transmit her real voice on stage and the feeling of being there. Nevertheles, enjoy these songs and dare to dream for some minutes! Because her music is magic!




  1. Ai mei au fost de curind in Korea si au fost de-a dreptul impresionati de traditiile pastrate, cultura, curatenia, amabilitatea koreana si inca multe altele. In schimb s-au lovit de faptul ca koreeni nu vb aproape deloc engleza si de mincare, care era foarte dulce si fara sare dar le-a placut in schimb kimchi si mi-au adus o reteta pe care am si pus-o in aplicatie acum astept sa vad rezultatul. :D Am inteles de la ei ca este o tara ce trebuie neaparat vazuta o data in viata.

  2. Sorry I couldn't write before, but I'd like to say that even if I was very disappointed about what happened at Eforie Cinema when they were supposed to show Tarkovsky's movie "Stalker", I was also very happy about two other wonderful movies I found time to see and fully enjoy at Studio Cinema: "Ivan's Childhood", also by Tarkovsky, and "Nest of the Gentry", by Konchalovsky. So, Ingrid, this was after all a very interesting film festival, with world masterpieces and I am looking forward to seeing the other movies I missed. What happened at Eforie Cinema was unfortunate, but this didn't put me off trying to go to the other great films at the festival.

  3. @ classiq I am really happy you did enjoy it and now I must regret I missed it...hahaha....maybe we'll see each-other at the next festival


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