Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All set for winter...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am all set for winter. Not that I like the cold weather (altough the scenaries of this season are wonderful), but I heard on the news that this year is going to be one of the coldest winters of the whole century (I imagine it with fear, after having survived the past winter). So how to be better set for winter than with good, warm and fluffy winter clothes.

Yes, I went shopping yesterday and found the most amazing winter jacket ever. But since I have never done fashion posts before, I will take it slowly and do it my way...

(Picture Source:luxuo.com)

Hence,...the connection to luxury has to be present, and what better way to do that than by saying that Chanel has redecorated its shop windows in Paris on the Rue Cambon and chose for that one of the (obvious) themes: the polar theme, which is also present in their Fall/Winter 2010/11 collection of pret-a-porter.

Now, when I say polar, I think of cold and white but also of a lot of fur and fluffyness and cuteness of the animals. There is also the idea of colours popping up from the all-white-surface in the polar region,...such as the black eyes or a spot of red (blood) or a "frozen" blue which gives more coldness...such as this cute bear's tongue...

(Picture Source: http://climateprogress.org/2006/12/27/polar-bears-endangered-by-global-warming/)

Going back to the fluffyness - I look on the polar theme also as a protective environment. It's all so quiet and bright and lonely around you...but then you cuddle next to the person you love or next to your caring parent, and your whole universe shrinks to that warm and small place where everything seems perfect. This is how I felt yesterday while putting on the winter jacket I then bought. When I put the hood over my head, it felt like time is standing still. It was all so quiet around me, just like in winter when it snows peacefully.

(Picture Source: moelane.com/tag/milibears)

So this is me before trying on the new jacket.

And after...

Here's a detail of the hood...so soft and fluffy...

And of the interior...

And then a happy-me with the hood on...

And here's a little secret for you: the down used for the filling and the hood is from penguins...so soft and cute and fluffy...just the way I imagine winter warmth!

(Picture Source: http://www.penguin-pictures.net/cute_penguin_pictures.html)


  1. Except for December, which I love especially if it snows, I'm not looking forward to this winter, it just depresses me when I think of the cold months to come. Love the jacket! :)

  2. Well,...I am a summer lover, light materials, soft wind, but if there is no escape from winter (and as I heard, there really is no escape this year), why not make the months of cold better and softer :)

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention the Chanel window displays: I adore them! I love it when I see beautifully decorated shops and shop windows:)

  4. Ah! wear it in good health, it look beautiful!! And I love all the winter inspiration :):):)



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